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Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile Website?

The 2 Main Benefits to Having a Mobile Website

  • More traffic to your business – from mobile search.

    Tap into Mobile Search Traffic to Increase Your Reach and Rankings. Google now uses its “Smartphone GoogleBot-Mobile” to spider and index Smartphone mobile optimized pages and websites. They aim to improve mobile user’s search experience by serving them mobile-optimized content in a prioritized way. Google recently created the “Skip Redirect” technology to deliver your Smartphone optimized page to a visitor who comes to your site using his phone – faster and without the visitor needing to first load your regular site and only then get redirected by your server to the mobile version. Therefore, having a mobile website that’s optimized for Smartphone users and has best practice mobile SEO in place can give you an advantage over your competitors. Not only can you now rank better on mobile search, but having a mobile website also opens to you the (YET) little-known opportunity of low cost mobile advertising. For example, when advertising on Google mobile search, most CPC (Cost-Per-Click) rates are lower than using the regular AdWords for PC search option. Not only that, but the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) is much higher because your ad will be the ONLY ad on the page and you need not compete for eyeballs as with regular PC based ads. People are more likely to notice your ad and click on it. Mobile is a much more effective way to advertise and tends to deliver higher ROI. However, you can only benefit from mobile advertising when you have a mobile optimized page to send visitors to. Google AdWords reward good mobile sites; your ads will drive traffic at lower cost if they link directly to your mobile-optimized site. If your mobile website is optimized the right way.

    Mobile Websites Quality Score – Here’s What Google Likes:

    1. Easy site navigation
    2. Simple layout
    3. Content prioritization (smart placement, lean and concise)
    4. Mobile features
    5. Touch features
    6. Minimal flash
    7. Landing page load time (it must be Fast!)
    When we build you your mobile site, it will look great on mobile phones and will fully comply with Google to deliver a High Mobile Website Quality Score.
  • Better conversions and higher ROI – from your mobile visitors

    Having a mobile-optimized website makes it easier for your visitors and customers to interact with your business and will help increase sales.
    • Your mobile website will load faster on their mobile phone browser than a regular big website. Some regular websites have very large files and images which take too long to load on the more limited mobile phone browser.
    • Your mobile optimized website will display perfectly. Regular websites often have scripts and things like menu navigation that simply vanish or get distorted when viewed on a mobile phone, making the site look ‘broken’.
    • Your mobile site will give them what they seek. People on the go don’t want to waste time on long scrolling all over the place to find your information. Plus, unless they look for an article or news site, they don’t want to read too much. This is why the one-click website mobilize tools out there are not providing a good mobile experience, as content needs to be crafted and presented in a smartly positioned, lean and concise way, not merely reformatted and resized with the hope it looks good.A mobile website needs to focus on being Mobile-User-Friendly, making it:
    1. Easy for potential customers to contact you – with one click or tap.
    2. Easy to get to you – with a GPS map offering directions to your doorstep.
    3. Easy to buy - and to buy more from you – displaying your menu, services or products in a clear and beautiful way, that works on mobile phones. Doing this will help you get more sales; it is proven Smartphone shoppers buy more and tend to be impulse shoppers.
    4. Easy to quickly see your important information - opening hours, events, etc.
    5. Easy for your customers to spread the word - People are using mobile phones to access and interact on Social Media sites. Your mobile site will have Social Integration.
    6. Easy to click on links – navigation links and buttons need to fit fingers.


What is Mobile Marketing?

billions in revenu from smartphone shopping 2012-11

Mobile marketing is the most powerful form of advertising ever, simply because it enables businesses like yours to reach people on-demand, right into their phones.
Their phones are with them 24/7, and they search for information even while in the loo.

So, step one in leveraging the mobile marketing opportunities you are currently missing out on, is to have a special mobile optimized website.

A Mobile Website Helps Your Business Grow on the Mobile Web

Here’s what having a mobile-optimized web site can do for your business:
What users want from your business mobile site

  • More FREE Traffic - Get better exposure with Google and higher rankings in search results
  • Lower Cost for Paid Lead Acquisition - Mobile advertising opportunities and marketing channels
  • Take visitors from your competition - They’ll prefer you to those who do not have a mobile optimized site. (61% of users will not return to a website that does not perform well on their phone)
  • Claim your mobile commerce market share - With the rapid growth of mobile phones and tablets being used for shopping
  • Helps you turn Prospects into Buyers - By making it easier and faster for mobile visitors to contact and buy from you over their cell phone.
  • It helps you go viral – By integrating social media and making it easy for people to tell others about you


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The entire web is moving to Mobile.

The sooner you adapt your business to the mobile commerce (m- Commerce) reality, the more you gain and the bigger your advantage over your competitors.

Consider the fact every one of your customers has a mobile phone and already over 60% of all US mobile users have a Smartphone (i.e., mobile phones that can browse the Internet). It is expected that by end of 2013, Smartphones will be used by most all mobile users.

Does Your Site Look Like This (Or worse) On a Mobile Phone?

A bad mobile user experience example 1

What Is a Mobile Website?

Why Mobile website
Mobile websites are special technology websites that are made to perfectly display on the tiny screens of cell phones and mobile devices.

Here’s an example of the mobile website Dominoes’ Pizza made.

Doesn’t it simply look great on a tiny mobile screen, compared to their regular [big] website?

Big brands have gone mobile, because they want to sell more and make it easy for their customers to buy more from them. They know that Great User Experience is vital.

Why Should You Care?

Google mobile stats and trends 2012 Your customers are now using their phone to look for information and to buy. Mobile Commerce is booming and expected to reach $17.2 billion in 2013 and $31 billion by 2015 - for Smartphone users. These numbers include only travel and event ticket sales.
  • 2/3 of all local searches are now from a mobile device, according to Google.
  • Almost all local mobile searchers take action within 24 hours.

And they love impulse-shopping when using their Smartphone - especially if they have an excellent user-experience, because you provide a great looking and well-focused mobile website.

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